Dell Inspiron 17R Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 2014 Edition PC Review


Looking for a laptop with a little bit of edge and is equipped with the latest technology? Looking for something that is fast, reliable, and dependable? Well you have found the laptop that gives you everything you need plus more. If you are a serious gamer looking to step up your laptop game, then take a look at the new Dell Inspiron 17R Touchscreen Gaming Laptop! Let’s face it, a generic laptop will not do, especially if the available RAM and graphic card doesn’t meet your video game requirements. Playing games like Crysis 3 or the latest Call of Duty will be sluggish and full of lag on an inferior laptop. But not this baby.

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In the present, manufacturers are competing against each other to offer the best portable solution when it comes to high-end gaming. One of the latest items introduced by Dell is the Dell Inspiron 17R Touchscreen Gaming Laptop. This is a 2014 edition that was first available in the market last July 3. It has features that will surely make everyone crave and purchase it. This new computer comes in 16.20 x 10.60 x 1 inches as dimensions and 7.6 pounds in weight. The screen size of the item is 17.3 inches and has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The operating system of this laptop is Microsoft Windows 8.1. It has HD Webcam and microphone and back-lit premium keyboard with 10-ey number pad. It is also in Touch Pad Pointing Device with Multi-touch Control.

The laptop also has a battery life that lasts up-to 4 hours. This latest innovation by Dell really makes a difference. The laptop has a screen that will provide high quality of viewing images or texts clearly and vividly. This also has a keyboard that will surely make typing faster and easier. It has ports that can be utilized when planning to have any connectivity. This laptop will really respond to your call about looking for a computer that will not make you feel so stress and bothered. Dell is also known for their exciting line of desktop computers, but nothing compares to the portability and power of this Inspiron gaming laptop.

Since the product is still fairly new to the market, many have not yet laid their hands on this beauty, but for those who already have experienced the use of this laptop praised the item very well. People are saying that this laptop supports the latest games on the market. If you want a laptop that plays and supports games like Grand Theft Auto V, then you shouldn’t have to look any further. This product is of great quality and is found to be beneficial to many users. Dell Inspiron 17R Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 2014 Edition is perfect for those who are looking for an amazing laptop that is powerful enough to their high-end video games and sleek enough to carry around. At a very reasonable and valuable price, it will really be worth the money spent. Nowadays, the use of laptops especially this one is a great choice and will support your gaming needs.


9.8 Awesome

With the help of technology and computers, works of many humans can be done so easily. Since people in the society are adapting to the only constant thing in this world which is change, the aid of technology must also adapt to these changes. This is one among many reasons why there is continuous innovations and creations of computers in the whole world. 

  • Touchscreen 9.8
  • Speed 9.8
  • Processing Power 10
  • Graphics 9.7


  1. I purchased this laptop recently and have to say it been an awesome experience. Hands down one of the best products I have bought in a long time. Not a big fan of apple products so this PC was the perfect choice.

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