How To Setup Your Toyia MSRM US302 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender


Just purchased a Toyia MSRM US302 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender device and need a quick overview on how to set it up? Below we will help step by step on how to get your extended WiFi service up and running and eliminate those dead-zones in your home or office.

Setting Up Your MSRM US302 Wi-Fi Range Extender

  1. Before purchasing and setting up the MSRM Wi-Fi Extender, make sure to have an active internet connection with an existing Wireless Router in your home. This means that you already have working Wi-Fi in some part of your home or office.
  2. Find a weak-spot or a dead-zone that has a weak signal. If the spot you choose has NO signal at all then installing the extender becomes useless.
  3. Plug-in the extender in a electrical wall outlet, now using a wireless device such as your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. goto your Wi-Fi selection screen and select MSRM to connect.
  4. Open any working web browser and type in in the address field. An admin page will open. Type in the following credentials to access the dashboard. Username: admin / Password: admin (Everything is lowercase)
  5. Click “Repeater” mode.
  6. Select the existing SSID (name) of your existing Wi-Fi network from your own wireless router that you are looking to extend.
  7. Now you have two choices, in the fields below, you can either create a new Wi-Fi network name, or use your existing routers SSID name and same Password. The latter is recommended because you don’t want to have to establish a new connection with existing devices in your home or office.
  8. In the Repeater SSID field, type in your existing Wi-Fi network name and the same Password. If you want to create a new network name, type a different name only (password has to remain the same as your router).
  9. After you hit Connect and settings become successfully saved, it’s time to connect to your Extended WiFi network.

You should now be all set with your extended Wi-Fi network. You should be fine with one extender device, but if your home or office is huge and their are more dead-zones, you can purchase additional extenders to expand Wi-Fi coverage.

If you are new to this device, you can read customer testimonials for the MSRM US302 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender and see if it’s the right fit for you.  Be sure to also check out the review for the newer model called the MSRM US754 WiFi Range Extender. This new signal booster not only moves data at a whopping 1200Mbps, but is more improved over the US302 model. Take your existing Wi-Fi coverage to the next level.

Any questions, feel free to leave comments below. Hope this guide helps you.



  1. been trying to set it up for months.
    has not worked yet 🙁
    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    • Try resetting the WiFi Extender by holding the reset button for 10 seconds. Once you see the lights return back to normal, go back to your web browser and login to the admin panel by entering Clear you browser cache before you proceed.

      • Hi, I cleared my cache and it still doesn’t work. I just got a new router so I need to log in and reset. Please help

        • Make sure that your new Router is successfully setup and you can connect your wireless devices to it. Unplug/Re-plug your Extender, do a reset, then follow the setup instructions provided on this page again.

          • My upstairs speed is slower than than the downstairs speed. The downstairs speed shows full signal to the wifi upstairs, however it is under 1mbps up and download. Upstairs is 60 by something else. What am I doing wrong

          • If your router is located downstairs, your extender (if located upstairs) will be stronger if placed directly above the router in the house. This way whether your upstairs or downstairs, you will receive a strong signal.

    • Reset your extender by holding down the reset button for 10 seconds. You can find the button on the bottom of the device, right next to the ethernet port.

  2. Set up was fine, but the connection isn’t very strong. The extender is plugged in definitely less than 9m away from my router. What to do?

    • 1) Make sure your router isn’t tucked behind a table or on the floor. It should be on top of a surface, this usually works best. 2) Also try repositioning your extender in a different spot to see if your signal can be improved. Certain parts of the home can interfere with the signal. 3) Lastly play with the positioning of the antennas, this can also help.

  3. I have reset my Extender and made it to the admin panel. When I choose Repeater, my own wifi network does not show up as a choice, just the networks of my neighbors. My WiFi connection is functioning and shows up normally on my Mac. It just does not appear on the MSRM setup. Totally stumped.

    • Try moving the extender unit closer to the router and see if your existing WiFi network shows up. Certain spots in the house may interfere with the reception.

  4. Mehi Aonga on

    Received my MSRM device today and have been trying to set it up for hours. No success whatsoever with accessing on any browser (tried all 3 – IE, Chrome and Firefox), even after resetting the device. Help!

    • I recommend resetting your extender and plugging it in a different location of your home/office. If you are still having trouble connecting your device to the extender, please try testing with another device (laptop/phone). If you’re trying to connect your laptop to the device and it’s unsuccessful, try connecting with another laptop or even your mobile phone. If no device connects after trying the above mentioned, you may have a faulty extender which needs to be replaced.

  5. I connect to it then go to Google and type in the number and both phone and iPad say no internet connection.

    • 1) Try resetting the extender device, bringing it back to it’s factory default settings. 2) Look for MSRM in your WiFi selection screen, then select it. 3) Go back into the address URL bar (not google search) and type in , you should now have access to the admin panel. Hope this helps.

  6. I labelled why MSRM router a different SSID name. It says it’s all setup, but none of my wifi devices can connect to it? I reset the router and did this 3 times.

    • I would change the location of the Extender (MSRM) to another outlet that is closer to the Router (Modem). Reset the Extender (MSRM), follow the steps again to set it up, then try to connect to the Extender (MSRM) again with one of your WiFi enabled devices. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Andy, Love our MSRM, but recently had our primary router/modem replaced and can’t get it to connect. We can make it to the admin page asking for user and pass, but I don’t remember either. Any suggestions?

    • Glad to hear it’s working for your phone. For your desktop computer, are you using a built-in WiFi connection or an external USB WiFi connector? Try restarting your computer and re-connecting to your extended WiFi network.

    • Hey Andy.It still hasn’t worked yet.On my pc it says it is “secured” and when I try to connect it also says “can’t connect to this network”,it shows MSRM with full bars with a circled x over it.

      • Hi Braiden, I would try unplugging the extender then replugging it back into the wall socket. Reset the device by holding down the reset button for 10 seconds. Then try again to reconnect to the WiFi signal. If the device you are using doesn’t connect to the MSRM network, then try using another device to see if it works.

  8. I am also unable to connect to the web address. I have reset my extender by holding the button down for 10 seconds, several times. Still won’t connect to the address. Tried Chrome and Safari from my iPhone.

    I have moved it closer and closer to my router but nothing helps. I am within 10 feet of my router now.

    Any other suggestions.

    • Hi Barb, I would try connecting to the WiFi extender with a different device (Laptop or other Mobile Phone). After successfully connecting to the MSRM WiFi Signal, if you still can’t login to the admin panel, you may have a faulty extender device.

  9. What is the password for the MSRM network? It’s password protected (WPA2) and so I can’t log into the network to even start the process…

    • Hi Ron, The username and password to the admin panel is both “admin”. If you are being asked for a password when connecting to the WiFi network “MSRM” then I recommend resetting the extender and creating a new password during the setup. Make sure it’s the same password as your existing router or a password you can remember.

  10. HI .. My MSRM extender kept going up and down . I thought it was time for a reset . NOT a good idea. My husband passed away in Jan he was the one who handled the network in the house . I did do your suggestions . Please help
    Thank You ,


    • Hi Pauline, after resetting the WiFi extender can you connect to the WiFi network called “MSRM”? If no try connecting with another wireless device (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, etc). After successfully connecting, goto your web browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) type in and try logging into the admin panel.

    • If you have a new WiFi network from your router, you have to reset the Extender device and establish a new connection. The same steps you followed for the previous router, you will do for the new router.

  11. I have a 4 plex building. I have hotel grade wi-fi but some equipment with weak antennas have a hard time if they are too far from the windows, so I want to put one extender in each room (but all on the same network).

    when I log into the browser trying to set the first of the 4 up it saw 3 networks all with the same name (I have 3 repeaters on the property) they had various signal strength so I picked the strongest one ~ but it would never actually connect after I put the password in.
    I called the phone company who provides the wifi network and they said I needed to plug the extender into the router ~ but where are the instructions for this???

    Can you please help?

    • The routers default setup should stay as is. If the router has a strong signal then great, move onto adding 1 extender at time. Once you get extender #1 working and has a strong signal then move onto the next floor, then install extender #2. When you are moving up or down in a building, be very aware of your routers placement. If you are directly underneath or above your router, use that WiFi SSID name when connecting to extender #2. If you are on the side of the building (above or below) where your extender #1 is, use that SSID Name when connecting extender #2 instead. Because the building is a multi-level infrastructure, you can also try giving each extender a unique name, rather then all of them being the same. I would put a number next to each name starting with 1 so you know what device is what. Hope this helps.

  12. i am trying to connect to a non encrypted wifi that you have to buy a monthly subscription to on their login page..

    You see. You do not need a password to reach the network – but if you want to use the internet you have to be logged in..

    I have created an SSID for it and it connected to there – but once I connect to the new SSID it will not let me on the login page of the network.

    I am at a Truck stop trying to extend the range to my phone from inside my truck. Do you see what i am trying to do.. Does it not connect to a public wifi login page????

    • If the WiFi network you are trying to connect the extender to requires a login through web browser, it won’t work. You need a standard WiFi connection for the Extender to work properly.

  13. Hello,

    I was kind of confused as how to set this up – so i asked my hubby to help me he is at our other house on a different network. SO he showed me and it worked. Now i want to set up at my current location i cannot get the thing to work. How to i reset this to find my router? i need it at my house. I am so frustrated.. please help me

    • Reset your extender by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. After it has reset, using your mobile device locate ‘MSRM’ SSID name and connect to it. Then proceed with following the setup instructions.

  14. Hello, just got the extender, went through the entire setup, everything seems peachy. BUT, the new wifi extension says internet may not be available. I did everything as the manual said and the setup finishes but wifi with no internet available, help please!

    • Try connecting to your MSRM extender with a different mobile device, browse the internet, and see if you are getting the same results. If internet is still unavailable, I recommend 1) resetting your extender and 2) try using the same SSID as your router for the extender. If you already tried using the same SSID, create one with a different name.

  15. I just set up mine today. Everything went as you would expect. I now have a new SSID with the same pswd as the main wifi. I can select the new SSID. However, once the new SSID is selected, I can’t access the internet. Aren’t you supposed to be able to?

    • If you are unable to connect your mobile device to your MSRM extender for internet access, I would try connecting to the extender with a different mobile device or tablet. If you are still receiving the same results, I recommend restarting the extender and repeating the steps again.

  16. Mine was set up and working fine. Then we had to get a new router. Now I can’t figure out how to reset it with the new router. I can’t get connected to the extender at all at first, then I try resetting it and now and isn’t showing up on my WiFi choices at all.

    • Power off your router. If you have any other devices connecting to the extender, disable the WiFi connection. Unplug your Extender and then power on your Router. After your router is 100% active, plug your extender back into the wall and then reset it by pressing and holding the button down for 10 seconds. Enable your WiFi connection on your mobile device and see if the MSRM SSID pops up. If it does, proceed with the steps for setting up the extender.

  17. Set up was easy but now I am having difficulty connecting my Samsung smart TV. Is this possible and if so what do I need to do?
    Thank you 🙂

    • After ensuring that you can pickup your extender through other devices, Disable or turn off the WiFi setting on your Samsung TV. You want to make sure that your TV doesn’t pickup any WiFi signals. Power-off then unplug your television. After 15 seconds, replug then turn-on your television. Re-enable your WiFi connection and see if your extender pops up.

  18. I am able to access the MSRM Extender, and it says it is connected to my router, but I can’t ping the router or connect to the internet.

    • Make sure your able to connect to your Router directly with your mobile device. If successful and you have internet access, reset your Extender and repeat the steps to setting it up.

  19. After I installed the device, I got a new WiFi connection: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx5G.

    My existing WiFi is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

    Question: Do I use the 5G to connect?


    • I am not sure what you are seeing exactly. Usually WiFi SSID names are short names or letters and numbers combined. Your Routers SSID name should be right on the device with the password. If you have setup your Extender correctly, you will see an SSID called “MSRM”. The 5G you are referring to is 5 GHZ (band speed), you can use it.

  20. I’ve been trying to reset this tool for months. I don’t know if it makes a difference that I have the US300, but ever since I changed routers, I’ve turned all off, reset the extender, the router,, added it back but to no avail, the still does not allow me to do what I need to. Just page does not display. Is this just a piece of metal at this point?

    • If all the troubleshooting steps have failed (device reset, using a different mobile device, trying a different wall outlet, moving closer or further from router), then you should return the item and get it replaced.

  21. I was using this MSRM extender with my previous router but I had to change the router . I did the same steps like before ,But this time i get connected to the MSRM repeater but could not access the internet. I tired all the reset possible. Still couldnt get it.

    • Try completely resetting your Extender. Once reset, remove from the outlet. Reboot your router and make sure you can connect using your mobile device. Browse the internet to make sure its working. Now plug in your Extender and follow the steps from the beginning to properly set it up.

  22. When connecting a wireless device to the MSRM in repeater mode, do I click on MSRM or my main router name when available WiFis are offered

    • If both your Router and Extender SSID’s popup at the same time, choose the stronger signal. Make sure your able to connect and have internet access to both though.

      • So if I’m sitting next to the MSRM and it doesn’t pop up as available then I’m guessing it’s not working. After programming it said connected, I’ll do the reset, set up again

  23. I was able to successfully set up the extender; but, I can’t access the setup page any,ore via I wanted to change the password and ID. Do your have a recommendation?


    • The new SSID you created, you have to look for that in the WiFi selection list. Once you click on it and connect to it, you can goto your web browser and type in Once you have successfully connected to it, you can change your SSID. The password has to remain the same as your Router or it will not work.

  24. I am trying to set up our new extender. I followed the instructions, but when connecting to the extended network on our FireStick, it states “Connected to Wi-Fi” “Not Connected to the Internet”. What could be causing this issue?

    The name of our wifi is “The Masons” and the extender wifi is “The Masons-5-5Gplus” and “The Masons-5-2.4plus”. Both have the same internet connection error when trying to connect.

    • With a any mobile device, make sure you are able to connect directly to your routers WiFi (The Masons). If you are able to successfully connect and can browse the internet, reset your Extender and follow the steps. When setting up your Extender, you have to make sure you are using the same password as your Routers for The Masons.

      • Hi Andy,

        The msrm is working amazing. I tried to connect a ethernet cable to it and it won’t let the device connect to the Internet through the ethernet cable on the mrsm. Help. Feel like I had it set up like this for a long time than I moved the device :(.

        • Hi Mileena, first make sure you can access your msrm extender with a wireless device first. If you can connect wirelessly and have internet access, then the ethernet port should work

  25. My extender works great but it shows that it is “open” as far as security is concerned, is there a way to change this, my router is a secure connection but the extender shows that it is not secured

    • If your router is secured and has a password, then your extender will also be secured. Try restarting your mobile device and see if your extender still comes up as insecure. Also try turning off and on your WiFi on your mobile device.

      • Hi, I have a similar issue. I am able to connect to the MSRM network fine on my macbook air and my iphone, and the connection is excellent. However, I have yet to be able to access the setup screen via I thought of trying to connect an ethernet cable directly but realized I don’t have an ethernet port on my laptop or any other device in the house. Is there a way to connect the device directly to my modem via ethernet and access it that way?

        • Unfortunately the Extender must be setup through WiFi and a WiFi enabled device first. Once you have established a connection to the admin panel and successfully setup the Extender, you will be able to then utilize the ethernet port.

  26. Been trying to get this MSRM US302 established for over2 hrs. Nothing seems to work for the IP; Not phone, iPad or Ethernet. The extender seems to be pretty much useless. Hard to believe it has such high reviews on Amazon!!

    • For now, ignore the routers signal strength. Connect your extender to any outlet and 1) Reset the extender by holding the button down for 10 seconds. 2) After resetting, in your WiFi selection screen, select MSRM and connect to it. 3) Open up your web browser and type in ‘’ . You should now be connected. Now after following the steps and still no access to the admin panel, you may have a faulty device. Return it, get a refund and purchase another one. Hope this helps.

  27. Our Wi-Fi modem/router is on the first floor of the house and our bedrooms are upstairs with very weak Wi-Fi signal. Can this extender boost the signal on the second floor?

    • If you have a large home, I recommend purchasing another extender for upstairs and keeping your other extender downstairs. This way you have coverage all over your house.

  28. Hi, I was using this extender successfully for a few months. Works great! I got a new router so I did a reset by holding down the button for ten seconds. No neither the old SSID or MSRM show up in my list of SSIDs I can connect to. I don’t think it’s working. I have tried connecting with four difference devices. How do I exchange this?

  29. Hi, I have had this and it’s worked in the past, but I’ve unplugged it, and it’s reset. So when I follow these instructions, the gives me a message of “This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.” I’m connected to the MSRM via wifi, i’ve even got an ethernet cable plugged into my modem, to the wifi extender. How can i get this item to work?

    • The extender is very sensitive when it comes to connecting/disconnecting and resets. The best thing to do is to turn off your Routers WiFi (temporarily). Then do a reset to your extender. With your Routers WiFi still turned off, see if you can establish a connect to your extender with your mobile device. If MSRM pops up, re-enable your WiFi and proceed with setup. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time for a new extender.

  30. I’m not understanding steps 7 and 8. After I select my network, at the bottom of the page says Connect to: (name of my network) and I cant change it if I wanted to. Under that it says new SSID: MSRM. Under that is a connect button. I assume you’re asking me to type my wifi password in there instead of MSRM. Even if that would work I would not want that because then my wifi name AND PW would be displayed in the network choices to all my neighbors etc. What’s up with this thing??

    • Your extender must connect to your pre-existing WiFi network to work. Select the name (SSID) of your pre-existing network and then create a NEW SSID name (for your extender) and use the same password of your existing WiFi network. Your pre-existing WiFi network should already be secured with a password. If not, I recommend creating one before proceeding with setting up your extender.

  31. MSRM isn’t even popping up in my wifi selection page on any device. The lights are blinking on the extender and I have tried various different outlets. Any ideas or is it just faulty?

    • Try resetting your extender and see if that solves your issue. If it doesn’t and you absolutely do not see MSRM popup on any devices WiFi selection screen, then you may have a faulty device that needs to be replaced.

  32. I have successfully attached the extender to working power source, and to my computer. I have successfully accessed the web address and receive the MSrM login screen.
    However, neither the username ( admin ) nor password ( adam ) work. I’ve tried every possible combination, and cleared my browser setting (cookies, etc) tried resetting the extender, unplugging everything and re-plugging – nothing….

    • Restart your extender and try logging into the admin panel again. When entering the username and password “admin”, make sure they are both lowercase.

  33. Have successfully set up our MSRM and can see both extended networks on our devices but when we connect to either extended network, no decide will connect (iPhone, iPad or Galaxy). All time out. Have tried a reset and have moved the extender from upstairs (where signal is low) to main deck hall closer to the router. Advice? Faulty users or faulty product?

    • Have you tried connecting directly to your router? You always want to make sure that this works first. If your connection to the router still works, focus on the extender. Try doing another reset and follow the steps again to setting it up. If you get the same result as last time with the extender, then it may be faulty.

    • The Extender can connect to any fully functioning router. Begin the setup of your Extender, locate your existing WiFi network (from your 5ghz router), then follow the rest of the instructions on this page to complete the setup.

  34. Brayan Aguilar on

    I setup the extender but it still won’t let me connect or if it does it says no internet connection what do I do?

    • Reset your extender and restart your router (turn off then on). Follow the setup instructions for your extender and try connecting again. After that, if you can connect to your router, but still can’t successfully connect to your extender, the device my need to be returned or exchanged.

  35. We have tried to set up our MSRM 750Mbps extender with no luck. Tried to use different outlets, restarted our router, reset extender with button for 10 seconds, tried different devices all to no avail. The MSRM-2.4G network doesn’t show up. Maybe it needs to go back to Amazon…

    • First check to see if you can connect directly to your Routers WiFi (not extender). If you can’t connect to any WiFi name, try simply restarting your phone and make sure you have WiFi enabled on your mobile device.

  36. Andy,
    I purchased a MSRM Wifi Range Extender Model US302. It worked fine when I used it wirelessly. However, I was having trouble with a TV that is approx 30 yards from the router. I purchased 100′ of ethernet cable and connected it directly to the Range Extender and put right behind the TV. Funny thing is that when the Ethernet is connected to the router, I loose wireless from the router. If I disconnect the cable. I lose TV but gain wireless back in the portion of the house that has wifi. Any suggestions?

    • The problem may have to do with the 100′ cable. In most cases, the longer the cable, the weaker the signal. If your television doesn’t have WiFi, try purchasing another MSRM extender or purchase an Access Point device, then place it right next to your television. You then can buy a shorter but quality Ethernet cable. This should fix the problem.

  37. I have a msrm us302 that’s been working fine for months but suddenly it won’t connect to the internet. I’ve reset it multiple times, replugged it in, and turned the router off/on but it still won’t work.

  38. All hooked up but all but when i connect to it I get a message saying “connected but internet may not be available” and it will not work for anything.

  39. I can’t get it to work. When I select the SSID and try to enter my 63 character password I get “password length error!”.

    • 1) Shorten your routers password and save. 2) Make sure your able to connect to your router and have internet access after. 3) Use the routers new password as your Extender’s password.

      • Kathryn Cole on

        I’m getting the same error, just changed my password to 32 characters – major hassle to change it on all our devices – and I’m still getting the password length error.

        • You can use the password that came with the Router or change it if you like. For your Extender(s) to work, they must use the same password as your Router.

  40. Been trying to get it to work for hours. Read all the comments and responses and ended up putting it back in the box to return. Any suggestions on a booster that works will be much appreciated.

    • It’s really unfortunate that the MSRM Extender is not 100%. For some it works to no fault, for others it works for 6 to 12 months then fails. Then theirs scenarios where it will work 100% of the time, but you no longer will be able to access the admin panel. For you and others who have experience the pitfalls of the MSRM Extender, I recommend going with the Google WiFi System. It’s an extender that is a bit pricey, but overall will last you for years with no hiccups. It comes with a mobile app and a dedicated customer service that you can call anytime when you experience problems.

  41. Hi. Just received my MSRM 1200Mbps. Followed instructions. All went well till I tried to connect my phone and laptop to the new signal xxxx-2g. When it asks me for my router password I enter it and it says Wrong Password. I know it’s the right password because it works fine when I pick my router signal. I’ve tried rebooting and resetting. Any thoughts?

    • I would recommend restarting the setup. If you are able to connect to your router successfully, connecting to the extender should be no problem. First reset your extender and remove from the wall. Connect to your router from different devices to make sure it’s good. Run the setup for your extender again and make sure (with case-sensitivity) you are entering the correct password of your router.

  42. Candice Johnson on

    just received our router today and every time we try to set it up, we can’t get past a window that pops up and says “Please input English or digital!” we have selected English, and keep getting this…

    • I recommend resetting your Router completely and try to run setup again. Your Router should have a reset button. If that fails, try unplugging router for 15 seconds then re-plugging.

  43. How do I set a password to lock my extender or is it already locked. When searching for wifi it shows it is not locked.

    • After following the setup instructions, your Extender will be using the same password as your Router. If your Router did not have a password, create one, then apply that to your Extender.

    • Two of the 3 lights should be showing. 1) The Power light (first icon), 2) If you are using an ethernet cable, the Lan light (second icon), or 3) If you are using the WiFi Extender for internet (third icon).

  44. I recently got a new MSRM US754 wireless repeater. I would assume that installation instructions would be similar to the answers above. My problem is early in the installation process. I have plugged the new repeater in, and immediately get the flashing blue light indicating activity. I have reset the router multiple times, changed outlets, and positions of the device, but despite this I cannot get a MSRM network to show on any device. I have tried two phones, and three ipads but it doesn’t show up on any of them. Am I missing a step here or should I just return device. thank you

    • Sorry to hear about your troubles. This device is a hit or miss when purchased. If after troubleshooting it you are still having no luck, I recommend returning it and purchasing the US754 model or go with another WiFi extender brand completely.

  45. When I go to the MSRM site on my phone (by typing into the browser), I get a page that asks for a login but no password. And “admin” does not work – I have tried multiple times.

    • On your mobile device, try accessing in different web browsers. You should see a login page that allows you to enter “admin” for both the username and password. If this still doesn’t work, try resetting the device and see if the same page comes up.

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