Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Review


When it comes to the mobile market both Samsung and Apple are neck to neck competitors why, because both make top of the line quality products. In this review we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and why it’s such a superior tablet device for all of your mobile needs. The Galaxy Tab 4 comes with a high-resolution display which shows amazing detail. The screen size for this device is at 7 inches which is large enough to read your favorite e-books, play the latest mobile games, watch movies, browse the internet and much more.

The tablet comes with different modes for different users. This feature is awesome because now days children love to pick up and use tablet devices. The fact that toys are being re-placed by computers is nothing new anymore. Specifically speaking, there is now a mode setting just for kids. Now they can log into their own account and watch their favorite movies or play their games without messing with your current settings. The feature called “Kids Mode” enhances the interface and colors making it more child friendly. This mode also allows you to track the amount of time your kids spend on the device and allows you manage specific settings.

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The Galaxy Tab 4 comes with 32GB of memory which is great for saving tons of videos, photos and games. This great device also has both front and rear cameras which is great for video chatting, taking photos as well as selfies. The device itself is very lightweight and built to be extremely portable. You will not look out of style with this device in your hands. With a 7-inch display that has a screen resolution of 1280×800, you will have crisp, sharp, and vivid graphic quality in your hands.

Another very interesting feature about the Galaxy Tab 4 is that it can act as a Universal Remote Control. This means you can control your HD television, surround sound system or any compatible multimedia device with a single touch or swipe from your tablet screen. This is all made possible because of the built-in IR blaster that is installed within the device. What makes this device even better is multi-window feature which allows you to place two running applications right next to each other, this allows you to even drag and drop content from one app right into the other. This option is great for people who want to send emails and write notes without having to back out each time.

In my opinion, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is an excellent product. The large display screen, multi-app feature, and portable design on top of all the great additional features makes this a must buy for you or a loved one. If you are looking for more information on the device, click the graphic below. You can’t go wrong with Samsung, especially the Galaxy Tab 4. Happy mobile computing!


9.9 Perfection

A mobile device that stands in-front of it's competitors. Samsung continues to make superior devices and the Galaxy Tab 4 proves to the world why simple and yet powerful mobile technology is a perfect combination.

  • Operating System 10
  • Style and Design 10
  • User Friendliness 10
  • Speed & Responsiveness 9.5

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  1. My two kids prefer only apple products but for myself, I enjoy samsungs tablet device. I will be using your discount code to purchase in the very near future. Thanks for your review.

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