Uncensored Video Hosting and Sharing Alternatives to YouTube


YouTube is the largest video platform online today. When acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube and its owners knew they had something big. A service that can stream an unlimited amount of videos at the click of the button. YouTube became the pioneer and leader of user-generated content.

Because of how big YouTube has become, Google’s priority is to keep its corporate partners happy and relationships with governing powers close. To keep those parties happy and relationships intact, censorship has taken over YouTube.  You have new guidelines to follow. Play by YouTube’s new set of rules or go elsewhere.

Below is a list of YouTube alternatives you can use to spread your content or message across the internet without the risk of censorship or removal.

Video Hosting Platforms



Cocoscope is an excellent YouTube alternative for those looking to publish videos and monetize their content. Existing features on this platform include instant monetization. Your videos are ready to make you money as soon as you upload your content.

Clear content rules on Cocoscope allow you to be worry-free. Your content is safe and won’t be deleted because you didn’t follow some vague community guidelines. Other features include creating channels, setting up live streams, subscriptions, and the ability to create exclusive content.

New features are constantly being added to this platform. As long as Cocoscope doesn’t get bought out, this is a platform you may want to consider joining.

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Bitchute is quickly becoming the most recognized platform for uncensored (freedom of speech) content. If you want to upload your content without the concern of your videos being deleted or your channel being banned, this is the platform for you. Like any other service, they do have community guidelines to follow.

Bitchute has a sensitivity setting that allows you to set for different viewing audiences. One of the best features on this platform is the ability to add new videos to your Bitchute channel from your YouTube account. You don’t have to start your channel on a clean slate.

With Bitchute you also have the ability to monetize your content by receiving tips from viewers. The advertisement functionality is for a select few of channels and will be available for all content creators in the near future.

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BitTube is a social network, video, and media sharing platform that allows it’s creators to freely express themselves without any censorship. Monetize your content and get paid in the TUBE cryptocurrency. You can earn enough TUBE coins to hold or send them to an exchange to convert into Bitcoin.

BitTube allows you to not only post videos, but you can also post images, audio clips, full articles, and host live streams. This platform uses the WebTorrent protocol which helps with improving censorship resistance for content creators.

Like Twitter, you can follow popular hashtags or topics that are currently trending on the platform. The number of allowed Topics per post is capped by the membership level you are in. Verified members are allowed just 2, Plus members 3, Content Creators 5, Power Users 10.

You have the ability to create private and public groups. Soon you will be able to create chatrooms like Discord and Telegram. Similar to Reddit, content can be upvoted and downvoted. A cred system is put in place to help promote higher quality content. The more cred points your content has, the more available it will be to viewers on the platform.

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Another platform that YouTubers are moving to in droves is LBRY. Upload and share your content without the worry of deletion. This platform allows you to upload and share videos, music, ebooks, and more.

LBRY is an open-source platform and is built using Blockchain technology. Being built on protocols instead of traditional platforms like Youtube is the best way to secure a free and open internet. LBRY focuses on user content ownership and privacy first. Your information is not sold to advertisers and corporations.

Like BitTube, LBRY allows users to earn crypto in the form of an LBC token. This token powers the LBRY network and gives you the ability to earn rewards for viewing content and learning about and using LBRY. Get rewarded for your activity such as streaming your first video, creating your channel, surfing many videos, gaining followers to your channel, and more.

Not only is your content not censored but it can become monetized by receiving tips from viewers and other members on LBRY. You can take your LBC tokens and trade them on the exchange for Bitcoin and cash out into your fiat currency (USD).

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D.Tube is a platform that is powered by Blockchain technology and will protect your content from censorship. Their main purpose is to allow you to watch or upload videos on IPFS (using blockchain protocols) and share or comment on content while earning cryptocurrency at the same time.

Like Reddit, users can upvote or downvote your content. If your videos are informative and are created properly, upvotes will help people to discover your content more freely. Because you, the content creator will get paid in DTC, this platform is ad-free. No more video interruptions or annoying banner ads.

Popular video content being shared on D.Tube is cryptocurrencies, video games, daily vlogging, and more. Because this platform is relatively new, more content creators are joining, and so will the number of categories to choose from.

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Viewly Alpha

Viewly Alpha is a video sharing platform that runs using decentralized blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS. What that means for you is that your content is private and safe. Not only do you not have to worry about your video getting censored, but you can earn crypto at the same time.

Viewly Alpha is free of ads. Watch videos on this platform without any interruption. From the Ethereum blockchain, your content and activities on the platform are monetized with the VIEW token. Earn enough of these Tokens and exchange them for Bitcoin or fiat currency.

This platform is relatively small compared to YouTube and has the potential to grow even further. Current topics on the platform that trending are cryptocurrencies and vlogging. You are not limited by any topic choice. Head over to Viewly Alpha and give it a go.

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Flote is a social media platform that allows you to share a variety of content such as videos, photos, audio clips, text posts, memes, and more.

Flote has a similar timeline like Twitter and comes with some neat features such as encrypted messaging, an integrated bitcoin wallet, and subscriptions & super chats with no platform fees.

Popular content being shared on the platform are political memes & videos, cryptocurrencies, lifestyle posts, and music. You are not limited to what you can post. Feel free to join the community and build a nice following.

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PeerTube is a video content sharing platform that is small in size but gives you the freedom to add content without the risk of getting censored or deleted.

Upload content and categorize them with hashtags so people can easily find your videos or topics that you want to promote.

There are not a lot of videos on this platform, most likely due to lack of promotion, but PeerTube is a great alternative to consider when YouTube or any other video platform fails to deliver.

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