How To View or Convert HEIC Photo Image Files


A newer photo file format has entered the royal rumble and that is none of than HEIC. The High Efficiency Image File format,better known as HEIC is a compressed image format that is exclusive to iOS 11 devices. The sole purpose of this new format is to help maintain file space on iOS devices and allow faster data transmission on the iCloud. High quality JPG photos take up immense space on a users mobile phone. One way of correcting this issue while maintaining photo quality was creating a new file format.

Problem With The HEIC File Format

The days of running out of space on your Apple devices due to photos are over, but their lies another problem. What about sharing those photos with family, friends, a client, or business associates? Not everyone will be using a compatible device to view these photos. Because this file format is new, even the latest photo editors don’t have the ability to read those files. Also most users have Android devices and Windows computers which makes it impossible to open HEIC photos until now.

You would think that the mother of all programs like Adobe Photoshop would have support for opening HEIC images, but unfortunately they do not. In this situation you would usually have to use an online HEIC to JPG converter first, than share the JPG photos after conversion is complete. Currently their is one program that allows you to view and convert HEIC to any image file format, and that is none other than Apowersoft Photo Viewer.

Solution to Viewing or Converting HEIC Files

Apowersoft Photo Viewer not only allows you to view HEIC files on your computer, but also acts as a default photo viewer. That means you can open an assortment of image formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. Convert HEIC photos into any one of those formats for sharing or editing. Apowersoft also allows you to display a slideshow of all your images. This program is lightweight and easy to install and is a true contender in the photo viewer space. One of the best parts about this program is that it’s free to use.

Download Apowersoft Photo Viewer for Windows PC.


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