How To Use All 3 DisplayPorts on a Computer with Intel HD Graphics Card


Using three monitors will take your multi-tasking to the next level. Shuffling windows, minimizing, expanding, etc can all become a tedious task and just downright annoying. What better to optimize your workflow by have multiple screens that you can view all at once. Some three monitor setups are straight forward, some setups are not that easy. Below we will help you to figure out how to setup three computer monitors via the DisplayPort.

Video Ports For Computer


Your desktop computer comes with 3 DisplayPort ports to use in order to connect three computer monitors to them. Thinking that the setup is straight forward, you purchase three DisplayPort cables. After plugging each DisplayPort cable into their respective locations and turning on your computer you notice that two monitors are active and the third one is blank.

On your computer, you head over to your display options panel and try extending your desktop to the third monitor, only to find out that it still does not work.



You will still be able to use all three DisplayPort ports on your computer, you first have to see what available ports you have on your computer monitor. You should have any of the following ports: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and or VGA port.

If your computer monitor does not have a DisplayPort, you will have to purchase a DisplayPort to DVI or VGA or HDMI Adapter. On your computer monitors, you can only use two of the same ports at the same time. Example below:

Monitor 1 (DVI Port / VGA Port )
– Use DisplayPort to DVI Cable

Monitor 2 (DVI Port / VGA Port )
– Use DisplayPort to DVI Cable

Monitor 3 (DVI Port / VGA Port )
– Use DisplayPort to VGA Cable

Alternatively, if your computer monitor only has a HDMI port and a DisplayPort, you will have to purchase two DisplayPort to HDMI adapters and one DisplayPort (Male to Male) cable.


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