How To Connect A Computer To Your Television


What better way to watch videos, play video games, or browse the internet using your computer on a 50+ inch television? If you ever wanted to connect either your desktop or laptop computer to one of your home TV system’s or use your television as an additional monitor, now your can. Below we will breakdown all the various ways to computing on the big screen.

Computer Ports & Connections

The first thing you may want to observe are all the external ports on your computer. You can have all of the following ports listed below that can work:

Desktop Computer Ports


Laptop Ports


Newer desktop/laptop computers will have HDMI as one of the default ports. Check both your computer and television to see if the ports are available. If yes, all you will need is a Male to Male HDMI cable.


One of the ports that come standard with every known laptop/desktop computer in existence. Some Televisions have this port available. If yes, all you will need is a standard Male to Male VGA cable. If your television doesn’t have have a VGA female port, you will need to purchase a VGA to HDMI Adapter.

Display Port

Display ports are usually found on high-end computers with powerful graphic cards. Typical graphic cards with the display port are high-end Nvidia and AMD cards. Because newer televisions default input port is HDMI, you will need to have or purchase a Display Port to HDMI adapter.


The DVI port has become more common and found on many desktop computers. Not typically found as an input port on smart televisions, to get around this you will need to have or purchase an DVI-I to HDMI Adapter.


The USB port can be found on every desktop/laptop computer. Computers that are aged passed 2017 will benefit the most because of USB 3.0 which provides faster data transfer speeds. Connecting a USB cable directly into a television won’t work, you will need to have or purchase a USB to HDMI adapter.

Television Ports

You will notice that behind every high-definition television is the HDMI port. Some television will have a VGA port as well as other input ports for other devices to connect to. If your television only has one HDMI port, we recommend purchasing a HDMI Switch Adapter. This allows you to connect multiple HDMI enabled devices to your television without having to unplug and switch all the time.

Back of Television Ports


Connecting your television to your computer may be very beneficial, especially if you have much smaller computer monitor in comparison. Expanding the size of your desktop may be beneficial for gamers, internet streaming, or standard web browsing in full high-definition quality.


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