How To Record Your Computer Screen With Movavi Screen Capture


Capturing your computer screen has many beneficial uses such as creating tutorials, walk-throughs, or recording an un-embeddable video. What ever your reasons are for capturing your computer screen, now you will have the ability to do so with Movavi Screen Capture.

Record Your Computer Screen

Using Movavi Screen Capture

To get starting using the Movavi Screen Capture software is simple.

  1. Click on the Movavi Video Suite 17 icon in your start menu or on your desktop.
  2. The Video Suite menu will open. Click on “Record Computer Screen”.
  3. The Record Screen options menu will open.
  4. In the Capture Area option, click on the Square Screen box. This will allow you to manually select the area of your screen to record. You can optionally click on the Dropdown option to select a preset size. To choose the entire screen click on DISPLAY1. If you have more than one active screen, select the corresponding number.
  5. The Webcam option can be used for recording yourself while doing the screen capture at the same time. A small box will be visible on the screen for the webcam.
  6. The System Audio option can either be enabled or disabled. Keeping it enabled will allow background noises or even music from your computer to be recorded while screen capturing.
  7. The Microphone option can either be enabled or disabled. This option is great for providing auditory while capturing your screen. This can be useful for tutorials or for voicing over video demonstrations.
  8. The Settings tab is the last option to configure. Click on that and head to the Effects tab. You will now have the option to configure your Cursor (highlight) color, mouse click sound effect, and if you want to capture your keystrokes. These settings can be enabled, modified to your preference, or disabled completely.
  9. Once all your settings are configured, click on the red Record button.
  10. When you are finished with capturing, click on the Stop button.
  11. A preview of your capture will popup. You have the option to click on the green button that says “Save As”. This will allow you to save your capture as an MP4, AVI, WMV, GIF, or MP3 file.
  12. After selecting your format, click on the “Save” button.
  13. Want to share your video directly to YouTube? On the capture preview screen, next to the green “Save As” button is a Share button, click on that, then click on the YouTube icon.

Record Your Computer Screen



Their are other popular software on the market to record your computer screen but in our experience, Movavi is the easier and more straight forward software to use out of the bunch. With the entire Movavi Video Suite you will be able to take your screen captured projects even further. Hope this guide was a help to you.


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