WOSUK USB Wireless-N Wifi Repeater Review


The Router has the wireless rate as well as range to power a complex kind of networking applications to establish an extremely efficient coverage and work with any kind of wireless device out there. 300Mbps wireless data rates perfect for video streaming, internet browsing and even Internet calling.

WOSUK WiFi ExtenderRange Increase – WOSUK USB Wireless-N Wifi Repeater

The range of a Wireless booster is important since it determines how far the wireless network can reach. When the range of your wireless router is 500 feet, and your router is simply able to provide a wireless network as much as 200 feet from it, this WOSUK USB Wireless extender can make up the difference.

This wireless extenders maximize the range of the signal produced by your own wireless router or perhaps access point. With the various wireless products used today, this kind of device can give you a strong signal in parts of your home or even office in which the wireless connection is poor. This weak connection usually occurs whenever your router is far away. However, it may also be caused by structures or perhaps objects such as walls or furniture that get involved in the way of the signal and also interrupt its capability to reach the device you are making use of. This wireless booster will help eliminate this challenge by capturing the Wi-Fi signal from the router or AP as well as transmitting it to the wireless device.

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The place where you place the router has an effect on the power of your wireless. This WOSUK USB Wireless Wi-Fi extender has a dual antenna, you should ensure the antenna points in a vertical direction. The Wi-Fi network is transmitted from the side of the antenna and not the top. If this device is placed in such a way that the antenna is horizontal, the network will probably be going into the ceiling direction.


  • The device has the capability to speed and power up a complicated network to generate an incredibly speed and range.
  • Works withany kind ofwireless device, network, and router and up to 300Mbps
  • Double antennas for highest signal, it develops a broad wireless coverage as well as let you enjoy the Wi-Fi freedom at any place around your home or office.
  • Lightness in weight and also wall-mounted design to ensure it is easy to make use of and also move with mobility.


  • The only disadvantage about this device is the set-up process, you can go through troubles when trying to set-up this device from the beginning.


WOSUK USB Wireless-N Wifi Repeater


The WOSUK USB Wireless-N Wifi Repeater is a great device for your home and office use, with a dual antenna, it is able to generate a strong signal that allows you to stay connected and enjoy up to 300Mbps.

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  1. I bought this extender and it has no manual, can you please tell me how i can get an instruction manual. thank you

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