How To Watch Free Movies And Television Shows on Any Device


Tired of spending money on cable that has a bunch of useless channels and content not worth watching? How about looking for a way to watch your favorite movies and television shows for free? Below we have a list of free platforms and apps that allow you to stream content from any computer or device without having to pay a cent.


Apps to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Xumo TV

Xumo TV - Watch Free TV

Xumo TV offers free access to over 160+ channels including live streaming television and On-Demand Movies and Shows. One of the best features of this app is the breaking news that airs live. Stayed informed and up-to-date with what’s happening around the world at the click of a button.

Some of the networks that Xumo offers is NBC News, Bloomberg Television, TMZ, Vanity Fair, cNet, HSN, Fox Sports, MMAjunkie, Billboard, and more. You can watch movies, sports, comedy, cartoons, children shows, news, technology, and more.

Xumo TV is available for an assortment of platforms such as Smart TVs, PC & Mac Computers, Android and iOS devices. Visit your devices app store to download Xumo TV for free.


Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Similar to Xumo TV, Pluto TV offers a wide selection of streaming television shows, movies, and on-demand content for you to consume. With over 250+ tv channels, your time at home will become more enjoyable. One of the great things about this platform is that it continues to grow bigger every day. With more advertisers and networks joining the platform, that means more content for us users.

Content that you will find on the Pluto TV app is on-demand movies, sports, comedy, news, technology, entertainment, and more. Watch your favorite television shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Love & Hip-Hop, Cold Case Files, Jersey Shore, Baywatch, and more. New movies and shows are constantly being added.

Pluto TV is available for a multitude of devices. Download the app today and watch on your favorite devices such as Smart TV’s, Firestick, AndroidTV, Apple TV, iPhone, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360, and more. Visit your devices app store to download Pluto TV for free.


Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has over 1000 titles from TV Shows to Movies that you can watch for free. Sign-up now and you can watch movies from major movie studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, and Starz. With over 200 partners and growing, instantly watch movies from anywhere with a supported device.

Some big titles you may be interested in on the platform are Hostel, The Last Stand, Wild Card, Shrek, Edge of Darkness, Bloodsport, Set it Off, Blood Diamond, Kitchen Nightmares, Total Recall, and more. Tubi TV offers a mixture of theater releases, independent, new, and old school movies.

Browse through an assortment of categories from Anime, Comedy, Horror, Action, Kid Shows, MMA, Reality TV, Sports, and more. Tubi TV is available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation and the web. Visit your devices app store to download Tubi TV for free.




IMDB TV is your best way to watch hollywood movies and television shows at the click of a button. Compared to the other streaming platforms on the list, IMDB doesn’t have a huge catalog to choose from, but they do have a better selection of hits in their catalog.

Some of the movies they have in their catalog are The Adams Family, Spiderman, The Gremlins, Elf, Ninja Turtles, Road House, You Got Served, Blade Runner 2045, Boomerang, Hitch, The Nut Job, Cadillac Records, White collar, Heroes, Degrassi, and more.

IMDB TV is available on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV devices (Smart TVs, Firestick, Fire Tablet), on the web using your Laptop/Desktop Computer, and Apple iPhone devices. Visit your devices app store to download IMDB TV for free.




By now everyone has been on YouTube for one reason or another. YouTube has the largest library of content in existence due to the fact that the majority of there videos are user-generated. Sign-up with over hundreds of thousands of content creators who have channels where they release content daily or weekly for you to consume. Not only are content creators flocking to YouTube, but major movie studios and TV Networks are also releasing live and on-demand content for you to consume.

There are content creators for just about any category you can think of. Start following channels on Sports, Movie Releases, Trailers, Movie Reviews, Product Reviews, Home Improvement, Construction, Music, Fashion, Beauty Tips, Fitness, Comedy, Podcasts, and more. Popular YouTube channels like The Joe Rogan Experience, ESPN, Fox News, Berleezy, The 85 South Comedy Show, Vanity Fair, Buzz Feed, Comedy Central, and more are all free.

YouTube also has a premium service giving you the option to pay to watch hollywood films and TV shows that you sometimes can’t find for free on their platform. YouTube is available on any device that has an internet connection. Watch on your computer, mobile phone, or Smart TV’s using a web browser or through their app. Download the app for free on your devices app store or watch YouTube directly from your web browser.


Do you have a favorite app that is on this list? Any free and legal app that’s on this list that you want to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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