How To Reset Password For Windows 8 Solution


Resetting the password for Windows 8 could be a problem for most because there is no easy way to do it if your locked out of your computer. To fix this problem you will need access to another computer that will give you the ability to download and install software needed to reset your existing password and once again give you access to your computer.

Steps to Resetting your Windows 8 Password:

  1. Download and install a software called Img Burn. It will allow you to burn .iso (image) files to a blank CD/DVD. If you prefer to use a portable flash drive, download and install a software called ISO to USB.
  2. Now you need password recovery software. Download a software called PC Unlocker.
  3. Once downloaded and extracted, you will see a file called pcunlocker.iso
  4. Using Img Burn or ISO to USB, load pcunlocker.iso and create your bootable disc.
  5. Now it’s time to use your bootable disc. To do this, insert your CD/DVD or flash drive and restart your PC. Depending on your computer you will have the option to enter a Boot Menu by pressing one of the F keys that is displayed. If you don’t see an option to enter the Boot Menu, you will need to access your BIOS by hitting F2 before the Windows logo appears.
  6. In your BIOs, look for Boot Options and position your CD/DVD drive and or Flash Drive into the first position. Save and then exit.
  7. As your computer restarts you will be taken into the PC Unlocker dashboard.

  8. Under the tab called User Name, select the account which you want to reset the password for, then hit the button called Reset Password.
  9. After your password has been reset, hit the Restart button.

Now that your password has been reset, you will once again regain access to your computer. You have the option of either keeping the password blank or creating a new one. Just be sure to write down your password and keep it in a safe and re-memorable place. Hope this guide helps you.


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