How To Completely Close Apps on Your iPhone X


Life was simpler when all iPhones kept certain functionalities the same. With the new iPhone X, things have changed even further. The home button on the iPhone has been removed and all your left with now is one complete touch screen experience.

The removal of the home button may seem daunting at first, but after a few continuous swipes here and thier, you will realise how simple and easy it is to use your new iPhone X.

Working The Home Button on the iPhone X

To access the home screen on your iPhone X, simply look for a floating white bar at the bottom of the screen. Simply click and hold this button, then slide all the way up to the top of the screen. This will unlock your phone and take you to the home screen.

Closing Apps/Windows

After opening an app, you simply close the window by clicking on the floating white bar and swiping up on the screen. This will soft close the app but won’t completely shut it down.

To completely close any open app, click and hold on the floating white bar and slide up towards the middle of the screen (without letting go). Hold the screen down for about 1 second (you will feel a vibration). Let go of the screen and you will now see all the open apps.

On the center of the screen click and hold down for 1 second. You will now see a red circle with a minus sign appear on the top left of each app. Select all the apps you would like to close and that’s it!


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