Google Pixel Phone Review


The Google Pixel Phone: as great as it claims?

Not many people can say that their first time was exceptional. There are seldom any people who do everything right when doing something for the first time on their own, but Google has proved to be one of them. Moving on to work independently instead of partnering with others to create smartphones, Google has introduced the new Google Pixel Phone and it is every bit exceptional as they say it is.

pixel phone by google review

Some Notable Features

The first obvious feature to talk about when it comes to the Google Pixel Phone is its amazing camera, which has been deemed by many to be the best camera ever on any smartphone in the world. The images taken through this smartphone are sharp, refined, detailed, and simply exceptional. The full HD 1080p display indicates that the colors remain vibrant and lively.

The metal and glass body of the smartphone is acceptable and is the perfect size to hold and operate in one hand. Another notable attribute of the smartphone is its interactive and natural machine AI, Google Assistant. Compared to the likes of Siri, Google’s AI bot seems to be more conversational and natural as it is integrated with Google’s search engine system.

Technical Features and Specs

  • Screen Size- 0 inches in length
  • Operating System- Android
  • Weight- 174 grams
  • RAM- 4 GB
  • Storage- 32 GB or 128 GB
  • Battery- 2770 mAh
  • Camera- The front camera: an 8 MegaPixel camera
  • The rear camera: a 12 MegaPixel lens
  • CPU- Snapdragon 821


  • The most obvious plus of this phone is the absolutely exemplary camera
  • Google Assistant is much more natural and responsive compared to other machine assistants
  • Speedy and quick processing
  • Quick charging and slow discharging
  • Best implementation of the Android operating system


  • Despite all of its amazing features, it is quite pricey
  • The screen brightness seems to be low in bright spaces
  • Less storage variety


pixel phone by google


The Google Pixel Phone must have certainly caused a stir in the Samsung and Apple headquarters as Google has officially entered the smartphone scene. It is a smartphone that has the capability to compete with the best of the best owing to its amazing features and minimal flaws. Although there is still plenty of unidentified and unexplored potential left behind in many of the device’s features, it is a mighty great improvement over Google’s past Nexus installments.

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