Can Not Open Image or File From Email In Outlook Solution


If you are using Microsoft Outlook and have been receiving an error message every time you try to open an image or any type of file from one of the email messages you have received, it’s most likely because your Outlook cache or temp folder is full. The purpose of a temp folder is to make copies of emails and files received faster and much easier to access.


Can’t open image (or files) from an email message. Temp folder is full and needs to be cleared out.

Solution for Outlook

Download and install a software called Outlook Temp Cleaner (by HowTo-Outlook) which clears out the existing secure cache on your computer. The software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Download here

Outlook Temp Cleaner
After the program has been successfully installed and ran on your computer, you can then go ahead back into your emails and try to open any image file. If photos are preview-able and can open, then your cache has been cleared correctly. If you come across any other problems, you can sound off in the comment selection below.


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